Residential Roofing


Did you know that the type of roof you choose determines the general look of your house? When it comes to residential roofing, there are many factors that you need to consider before you settle on one type of roof. Whether you are building a new house, or you simply want to remodel the house and change a few things, some of the tips that you can use to get the best roof include:

Residential Roofing

Ask yourself if it is Eco-friendly:
When doing residential roofing, do not ignore the importance of going for materials that are environment friendly. Some of the ways you can go green with your roofing include:-  Having a vegetated roof: this allows you to plant light plants on your roof.-  Installing gutters and rain traps so that you can harness rain water to be used in your house.
–  Using shingles that have been recycled.
–  Installing solar panels on the roof:
Before you install your roof, find out if it can allow you to have a solar panel for your lighting and heating needs.

Consider the design of your house:
You have to internalize the design of your house to know the best roof that will go with it. The way your house is built will determine if your roof should be made of sheets or shingles. The kind of finish you want will also determine the material to use on your roof. Some house designs also need roofing materials that will be easy to cut in small pieces, so you may need to look into that.

Know the building codes of the area you live in:
Before you embark on choosing your roofing material, do some research. Find out if there is a home owners association that regulates the type of roofing used in your area. There are some areas that get into specifics on how many shingles you can use on your roof, and the color of the roof. This means that if you go against those codes, you may be forced to tear down the whole roof.

Think about your budget:
Roofing materials differ in quality and price. It is important that you ask yourself how much money you intend to use on your roofing needs before you start shopping for the materials. It is always advisable that you go for long lasting materials so that you do not have to keep doing repairs; as this might be very expensive.

Know the climate:
Weather and climate will always change, but you will not be able to move your house. That is why you should think very carefully about the climate of the area. If you stay in a humid area, you may want to get shingles that have zinc or copper so that you do not get mold and rotting. If the area you live in has a lot of hurricanes and winds, then it only makes sense that you get sturdy roofing materials that cannot be blown off by the wind.

Generally, residential roofing is all about finding that roof that will not only cover your house, but also make you feel proud for living in that house. After all, if the roof crumbles or fails to hold the house, then the whole house becomes inhabitable.

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