How to clean your roof

How to best clean your roof

What is the best way for cleaning the roof?

Without any doubt, the home is your single biggest investment. The home provides your family with shelter. The home is ensures that your family has a safety and well-protected place to rest in at night and during the day. The home needs plenty of work to make it as comfortable as possible for your family. Making the home comfortable is not possible if you disregard the roof. The roof needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

What is the best way for cleaning the roof?

How to clean your roof

Pressure washing

Pressure washing the roof gently is one of the most effective ways of cleaning the roof. If your home is in a place renowned for high temperatures and humidity, the large population of fungus and mold on the roof can cause it to begin rotting fast. The damage that the potting leaves behind would cost thousands of dollars to fix. Fortunately, you can avoid incurring such huge and unexpected expenses by pressure washing the roof gently using soft water.

Gentle pressure washing with soft water is renowned for not only cleaning the roof, but also protecting this vital part of the home. The machines used for this type of pressure washing are just as powerful as the regular gardening hose. When cleaning the roof, using regular pressure washers is highly discouraged because they are not only powerful, but also capable of damaging this part of your home.

Chlorine Solution

Using chlorine solution to wash the roof is highly advisable. After cleaning it using this solution, you would have to rinse the roof. More importantly, this method is great because it doesn’t cause the roof to suffer the effects of wear and tear. The roof is able to last longer when cleaned with chlorine solution. It’s advisable to be cautious when using the chlorine solution because of the negative reactions that it has on some people.

Chlorine solution is ideal when cleaning asphalt shingles. Chlorine solution is capable of removing stains on the roof. The solution is also renowned for killing the algae and fungus responsible for staining the roof. However, it’s important to be careful when using the solution, just as previously stated. The surrounding plants can also suffer irreparably when they contact the chlorine solution.

No Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, unless you use the gentle and much softer technique, can damage your roof when you try cleaning it. The damage that the roof suffers would be costly to fix. In fact, you might have to consider replacing the shingles, especially if you clean using the pressure washing technique more than once every year. In such a situation, the best alternative is to use the no pressure washing technique.

The non-pressure washing technique involves scraping. To scrape the roof successfully, you would require a 9-inch trowel. You should only scrap the roof on a dry day. If you do it on a wet or rainy day, the work would take too much time to finish. Scraping the roof on a dry day would leave the tiles free of scratch marks. If you’re worried about leaving scuff marks on the tiles, use a stiff brush and rubber scrapper instead.

Chemicals are equally effective but not in terms of eliminating the moss that you want to remove from the roof completely. Lastly, if the task seems a tad difficult for you, it won’t be wrong to hire a roofing expert to clean the roof for you. Hiring a roofing expert would mean paying a small fee. Choose the right kind of roof cleaning method. Look for a method that is safe to the roof and the people living in the house.

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