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How to Fix a Leaky Roof

How to Fix a Leaky Roof

Minor roof leaks are fixable without any professional input from a licensed roofing contractor. As for major leaks, the input of the professional contractors is mandatory. In fact, in some places, the law expressly states that such jobs must be performed by licensed contractors alone. Here you will receive knowledge to help you fix the small leaks. Irrespective of the size of the leak, all work done to fix the problem must take place when the conditions are dry. Part of the reason for this is it is harder for you to slip and fall from the roof when working in dry conditions.

The work you do should revolve around:

  1. Fixing the shingles
  2. Roll roofing
  3. Fixing the damaged shakes
  4. Working on the connections
leaky roof

Fix the Shingles

The first task you do should be to fix the shingles. Missing, cracked, curled, buckled or cupped shingles are the biggest causes of leaks. Examine the roofing material located just above the place where you have noticed the leak. It is easier to do this on flat roofs. Curled shingles need a bit of straightening. Use copious amounts of asphalt roof compounds or cement to reattach the shingles that you just straightened. Apply this compound on the exposed parts of the shingles for the maximum result before replacing the damaged units.

Fix the Roll Roofing

The next task is to inspect the roofing material for cracks and blisters. Find ways of mending the blisters. Look for good roofing cement. Apply generous amounts of the product under the loose materials before pressing it down. Next, you need some galvanized roofing nails. Drive these nails on each of the sides of the blisters or cracks that you just repaired. The work is incomplete until you have covered whole top section with some roofing cement. While at it, do not forget to cover the nail heads.

Fix the Damaged Shakes

The other cause of roof leaks you need to address effectively is damaged shakes. Look for a good hammer or chisel and use it to split the damaged shakes. Before you do this, slide the hammer right beneath the shake to remove the damaged parts. While at it, you are likely to find some nails that stubbornly refuse all your efforts to pry them out. Here, feel free to use a hacksaw to cut off the ends. Be careful while doing this to avoid damaging the shakes that are in better condition. Cut new shakes and slide them into place.

Fix the Connections

Lastly, you cannot fix the leaks if you continue ignoring the connections. Surfaces on the roof that connect require proper inspection. Such surfaces include the vent pipe and chimney. While inspecting it, the focus should be, on checking whether the caulking is damaged. If it is, consider reapplying the caulk. Do not leave any damaged caulking in place. If you do, the newly reapplied caulk will not bond well with the flashing or roof surface. Loosened caulk should be removed using a putty knife.

Do not wait until the leak grows bigger to begin the search for solutions. A leak is worth fixing the first time you notice it. It is worth reiterating that a small leak is worth fixing alone without hiring any professional contractor to assist. Check that you have all the tools and materials needed to fix the leak before commencing. You will spend more money if you allow the leak to worsen. In time, leaks destroy the structural integrity of the building if you do not fix the issue soon enough. They mess with your energy bills by making the house cold.

Contact a roofing contractor if you need to resolve the leak professionally and fast.


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