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How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof

It’s possible for any person to hang Christmas lights on the roof like a true pro. This requires plenty of practice and willingness to learn considering the delicate nature of the Christmas lights. Hanging the lights requires a bit of caution to protect the roof from any damage. Failure to do this well could mean hiring A Roofing Expert to repair the damaged roof – a process that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Before hanging the lights, it’s critical to examine the condition that the roof is in to understand the risks involved. While decking the inner parts of your home is an easier task, the outdoors need special attention considering that it’s the part of the house that neighbors and all passersby see. Therefore, after checking the condition of the roof surface, the next task involves the following procedures:

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Choosing Lighting Display

Remember to align the display of the Christmas lights with the rest of the home. The display has to complement the style of your house in addition to that of the neighborhood while trying to avoid making it look garish. If you reside in a Victorian-styled home, keep the display as elegant as possible without going over the top. Ensure that the display features as many strings as possible to enhance the stature of the building.

Do not be afraid to walk around the neighborhood and see how your neighbors have put up Christmas lights on their roofs. Borrow ideas without necessarily copying and pasting what your neighbors have done exactly. For new neighbors, visiting with other neighbors and learning what the locals prefer to do with holiday lighting would go a long way to providing the information on how best to hang the Christmas lights without having to worry about damages to the roof.

Preparing Lighting and Display Areas

Never put the lights up before checking and ascertaining that they’re in good condition. Do not set up lights that don’t work. Avoid lights whose cords that contain frayed areas. Do not attempt repairing frayed cords. The only repair work you should plan for, is roof repair Grand Rapids MI just in case your DIY efforts lead to a damage of the roofs. If the string of lights contains some damaged or frayed cords, dispose of it entirely to eliminate the risk of fires.

Next, focus on locating the power sources that are closest to the roof line. Since most houses lack a power outlet on or near the roof, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for on the porch. Do not proceed with this task without a good extension cord. The exterior extension cord that you select should not only be compatible with the lights you intend to put up, but also with the prevailing weather during Christmas.

It’s important to choose the right tools for the job. One of the most important tools that you require for this task is a reliable and sturdy ladder. Avoid installing the lights alone. Get a person to help you considering the huge amount of lifting, aligning and placement that goes on while putting the Christmas lights up on the roof. You’ll need a bucket or basket for placing all the materials you require for hanging the lights. Carry this basket/bucket with you up the ladder.

Putting the Lights Up

After installing all the required fasteners, the next step is to begin putting up the lights. Always start from the power source. Hang the lights by following the fasteners all the way until the completion of the project. Start by hanging one string before plugging the next string from end to end. Do not attempt to plug all the strings together all at once. Be careful not to damage the roof if you want to save money on the cost of fresh roofing Grand Rapids.

Lastly, in case your roof needs some work, such as repairs or replacement, contact Professional Roofing Experts near you by visiting today and asking for roofing estimate before proceeding to hang Christmas lights on your roof.

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