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How to Pick the Right Shingles for Your Roof

How to Pick the Right Shingles for Your Roof

It is normal for homeowners and tenants not to think about the roof until the problem worsens. It is only after noticing a leak that most people even remember about the roof. The roof protects your biggest investment. Consequently, the roof needs just as much attention. One way of giving it the much-needed attention is by picking the right shingles. Picking shingles is a decision that involves more than focusing on pricing alone. If you have never picked them what you have to know is that it is essential to base your choice on numerous factors that include the following:

Shingle colors


The best shingles are durable. As durable as they are, shingles are prone to damages. Like everything else, they eventually suffer from continued exposure to the elements. Many times, the durability of the shingles depends on the maintenance you give them. They are not high maintenance products. Nonetheless, they need some service. You have the option of choosing any type of shingle. Clay shingles last longer than other types. The other durable types are metal shingles and synthetic slate shingles.


The local retailer is likely to sell shingles to you per square foot. Before dashing to the market to look at the available options, take a tape measure and use it to calculate the roof’s length and width. What you eventually get depends on what you pay. If you need shingles that are more durable, you will have to pay more. Shingles that only provide you with short term benefits tend to cost less. Therefore, avoid spending more in the long term by paying more now to get a solution that will last you several years.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing shingles, you should pay some attention to energy efficiency. Some types of shingles perform better compared to the rest. Some shingles offer more regarding insulation compared to others. With such roofing materials, you are guaranteed to enjoy warmth and coolness when you need it. Better yet is the fact that you end up saving a lot of money due to the lowered utility bills. With the right shingles installed, you do not have to keep running your heater or air conditioner as much as you did before.

Some of the most energy efficient types include:

  1. Tiles
  2. Cedar shingles


The next factor is the style. Some types of shingles are more stylish compared to the rest. There is nothing wrong in basing your selection purely on cost and durability. However, basing the choice on these four factors gives you the chance to make a more informed and well-thought decision. Curb appeal is just as important as the other factors. After all, nobody intentionally wants to live in a house that looks ugly and extremely unpleasant to the eye. Some of the most attractive types of shingles you should consider for your home include the following:

  • Laminate shingles
  • Cedar shake shingles


Similar to style is color. The right color improves the curb appeal of your property just as much as style. Before choosing the right color, look at it in the sun and shade. Some colors look different when exposed to the sun as they do when with a bit of darkness. Do not forget to choose and use colors that complement the rest of your property. Avoid shingles with loud or extremely bold colors. When choosing the right color, it is advisable that you do not ignore the local climate. Choose light colored shingles to reflect the sun, thus lowering temperatures.

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