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Things about Your Roof that You Should Never Ignore

Things about Your Roof that You Should Never Ignore

The ability to identify problems on your roof can save you a large sum of money. A seemingly insignificant problem such as a dripping roof can evolve into something that costs you thousands of dollars to fix that would require a significant amount of roof repair. If you pay attention, you’d notice the following on your roof and respond appropriately to fix the problem early

roof damage

Granule-Filled Gutters

Replace shingles if the gutters are full of granules. The presence of granules on gutters is your roof’s way of saying that it’s time to change the shingles. The presence of granules on the gutters indicates that the shingles aren’t able to function properly. Granules provide the roof with adequate protection against UV light.

A roofing repair is capable of resolving the problem that has contributed to the presence of granules on gutters. Without granules, the shingles will lose their sturdiness and ability to protect the home adequately. Granules indicate that the roof is beginning to display signs of ageing. Granules indicate that the roof has already seen better days.

Temperature-Induced Leaks

When temperatures begin getting warmer and the roof starts to leak, check this part of your house for an ice dam. Ice dams occur when the weather changes drastically. A building with a modern roof won’t experience this problem. However, older houses are susceptible to this problem. You can prevent this problem through proper attic ventilation.

Some of the signs worth looking out for to check whether your roof has developed leaks include:

  • Wet insulation
  • Mold and stains on walls and ceiling
  • Water entry


In such situations, hire a contractor quickly to examine the roof and detect the cause of the leaks. A leaking roof could be the result of several factors. Identifying the cause involves an elimination process. A roofing contractor has all the tools and expertise needed for conducting an extensive test on the surface of this part of the house.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles indicate damaged sealant strip. Missing shingles could also indicate the presence of a critter on the roof. Loose shingles need replacing as soon as possible. You could avoid this problem by cutting any branch of a nearby trip. Cutting the branches is the best way to eliminate the easy access that critters have enjoyed to your property.

Shingles made of asphalt or fiberglass should last between 10 and 15 years. While approaching the end of their lives, the shingles often grow weaker, thus developing plenty of cracks and curled edges. During a storm when the wind blows at incredible speeds, the curled and cracked shingles could fly all over the place thus causing injuries and damage to property.

Black Stains

Algae are the biggest culprits where black stains on roofs are concerned. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that black stains aren’t risky on the roof. Some people try to remove the black stains using power washers, which is a bad move. Power washers are capable of damaging the shingles further, thus forcing you to spend more.

Failure to address this problem in time can come back to hurt your finances beyond your wildest imagination. Failure to remove the stains in time often translates into a higher growth of mold. Failure to address the problem on time can only have one result – the complete removal and replacement of the current roof.

Finally, take good care of your roof. Hire a qualified contractor to repair or replace your roof.

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