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Tips on Picking Roof Shingles Color

Tips on Picking Roof Shingles Color

The roof is crucial to the overall appearance of the building. To enhance the appearance, it’s important to choose the right color for your roof, especially if the house has shingles. The color must be suitable for the appearance of the building. The choice of color must consider the prevailing climate. The choice of color depends on the architectural style of the home as well in addition to energy efficiency and being compatible with the neighboring houses.

So, how should you make the choice of shingle color?

Roof Shingles

Careful Shopping

Careful shopping is highly advisable with all types of roofing Grand Rapids needs. If the exterior of your property has several permanent colors, carry some samples with you to the local store and ask for help in choosing the right shingles color. This is particularly crucial if you’ll be doing a DIY painting or installation of the roofing material. Do not be afraid to ask for help from an expert.

Accentuating Architectural Style

Do not ignore the architectural style of your home while choosing the right color of the shingles. The reddish clay-colored shingles accentuate the Spanish-styled homes better. If you live in a casual ranch property, consider shingles that feature several colors. At this stage, it would be fine to move around the neighborhood to get an idea regarding the kind of colors that others have chosen for their shingles.

Lastly, if you need help exploring different materials and colors, do not hesitate talking to Premier Roofing Experts, a Roofing Company in Lancaster today. You might prefer clay tiles only for the experts to inform you that the home needs thin-layered slates. Concrete tiles and metal roofing might be also worth considering depending on the material that looks great with your preferred shingle color.


Climate is crucial because of the impact that the color of your shingles could have on energy bills. The right color means lower energy bills. Wrong color translates into higher energy bills. Color could affect the attic temperature by between 20-40 degrees. Color affects the heating and cooling inside your home. White/light shingles reflect sunlight away from the home, thus keeping temperatures down. Dark-colored shingles absorb heat, thus making the home warm.

Color Coordination

It’s important to coordinate the color of the shingles with the other elements of the building such as stucco, stone, bricks and wooden sidings. If you want black or dark gray shingles, ensure that the house is either blue or gray. For a brown, tan or cream colored house, invest in brown shingles. A white house needs black or dark gray shingles. If your home is red, green or yellow, enjoy the increased flexibility that this provides in terms of choice of shingles color.

Stylistic Statement

Curb appeal increases the value of the home. Color of shingles increases the curb appeal, hence the value of the home, but only if you can hire experts such as Premier Roofing Experts to paint the roof. Hiring experts also save you from spending money on extra costs such as roof repair Grand Rapids MI. Paint the shingles with neutral colors for the longevity as well as safety that they provide to the home.


What kind of illusion do you want to create with the choice of shingles color? Do not forget that dark colors make homes appear smaller. On the other hand, lighter shingle colors make the home appear larger. While thinking of creative ways of creating the right kind of illusion, check whether the roof needs repairs and ask roofing experts for roofing estimate. If the roof needs repairs or replacement, consider this before embarking on painting the shingles.

Consider Neighbors

Many neighborhoods have codes, rules and covenants regarding what they consider preferable for homes. The choice of roofing material could be under some of the rules. The color of the roof could also be covered under the rules. Receive information from the neighborhood association before investing in materials or colors that could make you the odd one. In the absence of such rules, consider the compatibility of the color with the neighbor’s first.

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