repairing the roof

Tips on Preventing Roof Damage

Tips on Preventing Roof Damage

A damaged roof is a major problem for any homeowner. A property owner will see most of his tenants leave in case he is unable to fix a damaged roof or hire professionals to conduct the roof repair Grand Rapids MI. However, before talking about ways of avoiding roof damages, it’s important to understand the causes. The most common causes of roof damages include:




Wear and tear

Poor maintenance is a notorious cause of roof damages as well. Regular inspection of the roof is crucial to understand the condition it’s in and institute the correct remedies on time. If the damages are minor, a few repair jobs will fix the problem and restore the roof back to a great condition. For major damages, it’s important to hire an experienced and professionally trained roofing expert to replace the entire roof or focus on the damaged part alone.

So, what measures should you take to prevent roof damages on your property?

repairing the roof

Clean the Gutters

Clean gutters help get rid of any rainwater that could cause serious damage to the roof. If you clean the gutters regularly, your request for roofing estimate will not be necessary. Cleaning the gutters involves removing all types of debris including leaves. Do not forget to clean the downspouts as well. If the downspouts remain dirty, they could damage not only the roof, but also the foundation of the entire building.

Inspect Shingles

Replace the shingles when they start showing signs of wearing out or are missing. If the damaged shingles remain on the roof, they could cause leaks that can have a devastating impact on the rest of the building. While inspecting the shingles, be on the lookout for standing water, which is capable of not only destroying the roof, but also contributing to the increased growth of mould. Regular inspection identifies the problems that need fixing earlier.

Snow Raking

During winter, it’s important to remove all the snow from the roof. Excess amounts of snow on the roof can cause serious roof damages or lead to the collapse of the entire roof, which is a costly problem to fix. The roofing estimate that you get for a collapsed roof will drive you mad. While raking the snow, remember to direct it away from the gutters and downspouts. Improper raking can lead to damaged roofs.

Tree Trimming

This habit is important when the house is in a place renowned for storms. Failure to trim the trees could cause storms that make branches and leaves to fall on the roof, thus causing more damage. Storms release too much wind, which is bad for your roof in case the house is near some trees. Ice and snow can cause branches and leaves from the trees to fall on the roof. The buildup of debris on the roof damages this part of the house leading to costly roof repair Grand Rapids MI.

Insulating Attic

The attic needs proper insulation to avoid damaging the roof further. Proper insulation provides the attic with adequate protection against ice dams. Insulation ensures that the house doesn’t lose too much heat through the roof, which can cause the melting of ice and snow thus leading to a buildup of water. Keep checking the roof and attic to ensure that the buildup of water, ice or snow has ceased.

Being able to prevent the damages from occurring is good. On the other hand, it’s rewarding to learn how to identify the damages. This is crucial in case you somehow forgot to institute the measures for preventing the damages. If you failed to insulate the attic, trim trees around the home, remove the snow that lies idly on the roof, or inspect shingles and clean gutters regularly, checking the roof for damages could prove helpful.

If unable to do any of the above, do not hesitate to consult a roofing expert in Grand Rapids.

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