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Ways to use your left over roofing shingles

Ways to use your left over roofing shingles

It’s impossible to use all the roofing shingles that you buy. In the US alone, do you know that out of the 11 million tons of shingles that manufacturers produce each year, several tons have to be disposed? What’s even more intriguing is the fact that shingles wastes constitute 8 percent of all wastes witnessed at building sites. Consequently, finding creative ways of using the roofing shingles has become a matter of great urgency.

What options do you have?

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It’s fine to recycle some of the shingles. It’s better and safer to recycle the singles instead of sending them to the local landfill where they could damage the environment. Recycling simply means collecting the unused shingles and reusing them in other projects. Recycling is an economically viable measure. Recycling is also convenient. Recycling is great for saving valuable resources.

Installing on Storage Sheds

If the shingles aren’t too old or completely worn out, consider using them to cover storage sheds. While at it, you could also use the leftover shingles as sturdy covers for your gazebo as well as doghouse. A fairy cottage on your property and the birdhouse that you have tried to construct for years could do with the leftover shingles. However, it’s crucial that you remember to use the shingles that are in a usable condition.

Installing on Driveways

The driveways need a fresh look. You can give them the fresh look by installing the leftover shingles from a recent construction project on the driveways. The leftover shingles can spruce the driveways up thus giving the property a different appearance. The bets types of shingles to use for this project are the ones made of asphalt. Using the shingles on the driveways saves you plenty of money that you would have spent on costlier solutions.


Alternatively, look for places to donate the leftover roofing shingles. If you look hard enough, you would find a cause worth supporting by donating the shingles to instead of throwing them all over the place. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity welcome these types of donations. Such organizations are capable of using the leftover shingles creatively and wisely, thus contributing positively to the well-being of the local communities where they operate.


Do you know that it’s possible to use leftover shingles as doormats? To do this, you would have to collect a few of the shingles before gluing them together. Shellacking the shingles all around should be your next task. Be as creative as possible. Consider printing words such as WELCOME on top of the doormat that you just created using the leftover shingles that nobody knew were capable of serving such a purpose.

Oil Stain Absorber

The leftover shingles are capable of serving a crucial purpose in your garage. Have you felt annoyed by the stains that remain on the floor of the garage? The leftover shingles can act as oil stain absorbers, thus ensuring that the garage floor remains clean. A stained asphalt or concrete floor in the garage is hard to clean. You can solve this problem by using the shingles as separations between the driveway’s floor and the place where the front of the car rests.

Nonetheless, don’t let the leftover shingles cause you sleepless nights. Instead of disposing them at the local landfills, find creative ways of using the leftovers. As this article has shown, you can continue using or reusing the leftover shingles on your property. The shingles save you plenty of money. Reusing the shingles is proof that you care about the environment. Reuse the shingles and transform your property. If your interested in contacting a Roofing Contractor about getting your shingles replaced don’t hesitate to call.

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