When to replace a roof

What time of year is best to replace your roof?

What time of year is best to replace your roof?

Roofing is not something that a homeowner does all the time. After all, the roof is one of the most durable parts of the building, not unless something as drastic as a storm takes place. If the roof appears to be falling apart, thus in need of some roof repair it would be an excellent idea to hire professional technicians to rectify the problem. Hiring the right roofing contractor requires the following:

When to replace a roof

Favorable Conditions

The most important thing to do – even before you determine the best time to replace the roof – is to inspect it thoroughly. If you do not know what to do, hire a professional roofer to help. After the inspection, you should now set aside the project for September, October or November. Scheduling the project for this time of the year is the first part of your task. The next task facing you is to book a local roofer in advance. This is because the demand for the services of roofing professionals is high in autumn.

Autumn is great because it lacks the extremely high temperatures associated with summer. The roof replacement project you undertake during the summer is likely to be torturous and uncomfortable for you. Imagine working on the roof while the sun is burning your skin. Apart from your comfort, autumn is great for the roof too. If you are to be ready for the project, you ought to inspect the roof at the end of summer. Autumn is a better time because it allows you enough comfort to work on the roof without worrying about the following:

  1. Thunderstorms
  2. Brutal sunshine
  3. Pounding hail
  4. High winds

Shingles Adhere on the Roof Perfectly

Thus far, you might have realized the biggest reason for replacing roofs during autumn is the beautiful weather. The decision you make to install asphalt shingles during autumn will prove golden in the long run. The autumn sun produces the right amount of warmth needed for shingles to adhere effectively. What is more, roofers can put in more hours of work. This is once again the result of the wonderful autumn weather. In summer, roofers cannot work past lunchtime in the afternoon due to the searing temperatures.

The autumn is the perfect time because spring isn’t. Anybody who waits until spring to think about replacing the damaged roof will have a bigger problem to contend with. First, by spring, the extreme weather conditions will have destroyed the roof. In addition to this, the continued serious accumulation of snow on the roof will only wreak further havoc on an already risky or bad situation. The snow could cause small leaks to grow bigger. Thereafter, the ceilings, gutters, and rafters will experience further damages.

Installation is Easier

Do not ignore the fact that shingles are easier to install in autumn. During winter, shingles are notorious for being brittle and breaking off easily as the roofer fastens them. In such instances, the best wait of fixing brittle shingles would be by nailing them using your hands. This takes more time compared to using a nail gun. As most shingle manufacturers would tell you, it is best to install these roofing products while the temperatures are around 26 degrees. At no other time in the year are the temperatures within this range than in autumn.

Therefore, you now have good reasons for pushing your roof replacement project until autumn. As earlier stated, the main reason for handling the project during this time of the year is the favorable weather. The weather is good for the roofers and the roofing products that you need freshly installed on your property. Furthermore, setting the roof replacement work for autumn ensures that your home is in great shape going into the holiday season. Do not forget that the newly replaced roof allows you to save money on energy bills in autumn and summer.

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