Snow on Roof

What to do when too much snow is on your roof

What to do when too much snow is on your roof

The roof should be ready for new challenges when the season changes. One of the biggest challenges that the roof can encounter is the presence of snow. Depending on the amount of snow on the roof, you might be justified in your worrying. Furthermore, what you consider too much snow could be less troublesome to the roof. Therefore, your first task is determining whether the amount of snow on the roof is too much or bearable.

Snow on Roof

Sloped Roof vs. Flat or Pitched Roof

If the roof is sloped, the amount of roof on its surface would not be worth making you a troubled homeowner or tenant. On the other hand, if the roof on your home is slightly pitched or flat, you have every reason for worrying about the damages that it can suffer when snow continues building up on its surface. How much snow can the roof carry without breaking? The depth of the snow isn’t an issue. What should concern you is the weight of the snow on the roof.

Check the Weight of the Snow

Overload has nothing to do with depth but everything to do with weight. Some owners determine that the roof is suffering an overload of snow and quickly dash to pick a shovel, climb a ladder and remove it. Such an approach is wrong and might worsen the situation. If the roof begins showing signs of being unable to bear the heavy burden, your best option would be to call the nearest roofing expert for the safety of your entire family.

Residential Roofs are Sturdy

Residential roofs, as stipulated under building codes, must be able to withstand the burden that heavy snows bear down on them. If the roof’s design and installation is according to the local building codes, you have no reason for worrying about its ability to support the normal load of ice or snow. Such information is crucial. However, how can you tell that the amount of snow is abnormal thus warranting dialing the number of a local roofing expert?

  1. Check if the interior walls inside your home are sticking
  2. Check if the plaster or drywall on the frames of the interior doors have began cracking

If the snow load is excessive, you should have a plan. The plan should not involve you climbing on the roof to remove the snow. Call a professional contractor over to your house to remove the excessive load safely and properly. Call a licensed and insured contractor considering the many risks associated with snow removal. Call experienced contractors who know what to do instead of relying on novices.

Gear for Removing Snow

Some of the gear needed to remove excessive snow includes:

  • Sturdy extension ladders
  • Well anchored safety harnesses
  • Special removal tools

Cost of Removing Snow

Expect to pay between $250 and $500 to hire a professional roofer to remove the excessive snow. However, the cost depends on the exact nature of the problem that the roofer will find. The cost also depends on the type of roof that the roofing expert will climb to shove the snow. The prevailing weather conditions might make the task costlier than what you were ready to pay. Nonetheless, it’s safer to delegate this task to a professional, well-trained roofing expert.

Therefore, what you should have learned here is that the amount of snow on the roof determines whether you have a reason for worrying about the safety and integrity of your roofing system or not. Remember that what should worry you is the weight and not the depth of the snow on your roof. You should never attempt to climb the roof to remove the excessive snow. Call your roofing contractor after determining that the roof is full of dangerous amounts of snow.

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