Roof repair

How to inspect your roof for any damage

How to inspect your roof for any damage


How can you tell that your roof is in a deplorable state? How do you know that the roof is ripe for repairs? The most effective way of evaluating the exact condition that the roof is in is inspection. You can inspect the roof yourself or hire a roofing contractor to do it on your behalf and at a fee. Inspecting the roof is crucial considering the important role that the roof plays in protecting you and your family. Inspecting it is the first sign that you care about the roof too.

Roof repair

It’s important to inspect the roof immediately after a hailstorm. Strong winds are also renowned for damaging roofs. Therefore, inspect the roof after strong winds have blown by the house. Learn the common causes of damages on the roof. If you can learn this lesson well, inspecting the roof should never be a problem. More importantly, the main causes that should convince you to inspect the roof include:

  • Falling tree limbs
  • Animals such as nesting birds, woodpeckers, raccoons and squirrels
  • Poorly maintained gutters
  • Loose shingles from strong winds
  • Ice dams
  • Poor roof flashing
  • Powerful UV rays


Therefore, what should you do when inspecting the roof for damages?


First, you should use the list above to check if the roof is in a good condition or not. What is more, a cracked caulk should give you a good reason to hire a roofing contractor to carry out repairs. If the roof flashing has developed rust spots, this should justify your decision of hiring a contractor to carry out further inspections and perform the necessary repairs. Therefore, don’t forget to inspect the caulk and flashing for damages.

The shingles are great additions on the roof. However, shingles can have a devastating effect on your roof. Blistering, curling or buckling shingles should give you cause for concern. If you allow the shingles to continue blistering, curling or buckling, be ready to pay a hefty price for your negligence. Most often, the hefty price that you have to pay for your ignorance revolve around replacing the entire roof, especially if the situations cause water damages.

The shingles are good indicators of the problems that have developed on your roof. If the shingles are broken or missing, interpret this as a sign that the roof needs some tender love and care. If some shingles are missing, inspect the roof thoroughly as the first step. The purpose of the inspection in case of missing shingles is to determine the exact nature and extent of the damage. Missing shingles could be signs of structural damages or be the result of falling debris.

The asphalt roof tiles must be in great condition at all times, especially if the roof isn’t damaged. If the tiles are full of colored grit, interpret this as a bad sign. Colored grit indicates that the roof lacks adequate and proper cover. Colored grit also indicates that nothing shields the roof from the damaging UV rays from the sun. If you spot colored grit, you shouldn’t forget or hesitate to inspect the roof for signs of aging and to determine whether the roof’s life cycle is about to end.

If you can’t inspect the roof properly for damages, hire a roofing expert to do the work


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