loose shingles

How to replace damaged or loose shingles

How to replace damaged or loose shingles

Replacing a damaged or loose shingle is probably all that your roof needs. Laying a new roof is a costly undertaking. Even if you don’t want to think about installing a new roof, you have no choice since the shingles will be loose or suffer a few damages at some point. Regular checks on the roof prepare you adequately for the task that awaits you. If the regular inspections help you notice damaged or loose shingles, what should you do to replace them?

loose shingles

Signs to Watch for

In many cases, the loose or damaged shingles could be impossible to remove depending on several factors. If this is true in your case, it would be better to hire a qualified and experienced contractor to replace the shingles. Replacing the shingles is not enough if you forget to fasten or secure them in place afterwards. You can tell that the shingles need replacing if you’re a keen observer and look for the following signs:

  • Tops begin falling off
  • Accumulation of sandy substance in the gutters
  • Missing tabs
  • Leaves and twigs wedged right under the shingles

First, it’s important to learn how to:

  1. Replace damaged shingles
  2. Glue badly curled shingles
  3. Repair cracked shingles

Removal Steps

Before replacing the damaged, cracked or loose shingles, you have to remove them first. For this task, you will require proper safety measures. Wearing protective eyewear as well as heavy duty gloves is mandatory. What’s more, you need gripping boots to protect you from falling or slipping down the roof and injuring yourself. Install roof jacks early enough so that you have something on which to stand while removing and replacing the shingles.

Removing the damaged or loose shingles is a task that you ought to perform when the weather is cool. During the cool weather, asphalt as well as asphalt sealant is not prone heating up or being moldable and hard to remove. It’s easier for you to remove shingles once they cool down. The adhesive that’s right under the tabs needs loosening first. Always focus on the tabs that are at least two rows on top of the area where the damaged shingles are located.

The exposed nails need removing too. Don’t remove the nails while in a rush. Take your time to avoid cracking or breaking the undamaged shingles. The nails that are nearer the damaged or loose shingles need further loosening. After removing the nails and the damaged shingles, you’re now ready to replace them with new ones. Keep fresh shingles nearby. Keep the materials that you need to secure the new shingles in place nearby too.

Requirements for Replacing Shingles

To complete this task, you would need:

  • Replacement shingles
  • Shingle adhesive or cement
  • Roofing nails


Install the new shingles. Use a sealant for resealing the shingles right under their edges. Before walking off the roof, secure any other shingle that’s close to the damaged one, especially if you loosened it earlier. While at it, don’t forget to fix any cracked shingle that’s still on the roof. Split shingles are also worth fixing instead of incurring further expenses by replacing them with new ones, which cost more.

What you should never forget is to do the work while wearing the right protective gear. Protect your eyes and hands. Protect your feet so that you don’t fall off the roof and suffer injuries. Have all the materials that you require to remove the damaged or loose shingles. Be ready with the materials needed to install new shingles and secure them in place. Contact your roofing contractor today for more information.

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