Missing shingles

What to Do When Shingles are Missing on Your Roof

What to Do When Shingles are Missing on Your Roof

Driving around in a convertible or a topless car is considered a cool thing to do. Living in a roofless house is anything but cool. Whether the roof has one or several shingles missing, the last thing you can do is to take the situation lightly. Missing shingles are the closest thing you will get to a roof disease. It is a symptom that hints at a much bigger problem. Do not ignore this problem. It might be difficult to notice missing shingles, especially if located in an inaccessible part of the roof. For such, you should hire a roofer to help you.

Missing shingles

Do not Panic

It is important for you to realize why missing shingles is not a simple matter. Knowing the causes helps you to identify the most appropriate solutions. Improper nailing is one of the causes. This occurs during installation. A specific pattern has to be followed when nailing the shingles in place. Failing to adhere to this pattern leads to problems later. Problems normally occur when the installer engages in what is known as ‘skip nailing.’ Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on the number of nails to use per shingle. Other common causes of missing shingles include:

  1. The wrong pattern of installation
  2. Drying and cracking
  3. The wind

Continue with Inspection and Maintenance

The best situation you can be in is to conduct roof inspection and maintenance regularly. Failure to do this would make it harder for you to notice missing shingles. After all, the roof is elevated rather than being at your eye level. Immediately after you identify the missing shingles, your next task should be to see if you can fix the problem. A DIY approach would be sufficient, but only if you know what you are doing. If not, do not hesitate to hire a professional roofing contractor to repair or replace the shingles.

Fix the Problem

When the problem is nothing more than loose shingles that are displaced from their original position, you would solve the issue by repositioning them. For the results to last, however, you would have to apply a sealant to ensure the shingles remain in position. If you notice this problem after a serious storm, a DIY approach would not work. For such, what you need is to consult a local roofing contractor. The demand for roofing contractors increases massively during or after rainstorms; hence, the necessity of acting quickly.

Consider Short Term Measures

Depending on the cause of the missing shingles, there are times when short-term measures would be fine. For example, you might focus on fixing the leak first to get you through the day or night. In some cases, you may have to do with short-term solutions until the rainstorm is over. Once the conditions are dry, you would be free to institute more permanent solutions. A roof repair project with a more broad-looking outlook would be fine at this point. Re-roofing would also be highly advisable to fix the problem permanently.

Use Your Money Wisely

Missing shingles are one of the factors you must base the choice of your next property investment on. Missing shingles, together with curled or buckled shingles, are a sign of disrepair and poor maintenance. Buy such a house only if you have the financial wherewithal required to conduct intense repairs. The exposure of the roof/shingles to the elements each year eventually causes serious damages. It is impossible for leaks not to accompany missing shingles. Ignoring missing shingles, therefore, says you do not worry about leaks.

Therefore, do not panic just because you have noticed missing shingles on your roof. Missing shingles are capable of decreasing the value of your home substantially. They can cause leaks while messing with the insurability of your property. The best bet against missing shingles evolving into a much bigger problem is regular maintenance and inspection. This enables you to determine whether repairs are sufficient or there is a need to go for replacements. Hire a professional in case you must replace or install a new set of shingles.


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